Be part of something great

Sublevel can be used as a messaging system, a news platform, a community forum or anything you can came up with. It can be simply called the next generation social network.

Built for people

Sublevel is deeply conversational in a way that sparks people’s imagination and creativity. It’s the simplest way to stay in touch with people who matter. Sublevel reply system lets you join in any conversation. So smart that it can tell you if a person is cold or hot, if it’s an introvert or an extrovert, if it’s trust worthy or not…

You have total control over what you do, say, share, reply, like, unlike, follow, unfollow, block, unblock, delete. All the features are made clear to you. There’re no hidden things or tricks.


  • Pen
    2,386,246 characters
    119.1 per entry, 820.3 per member, 1,874.5 per day
  • Reply
    8,810 updates
    3.0 per member, 6.9 per day
  • Replies
    11,234 replies
    3.9 per member, 8.8 per day
  • Heart
    0.1 per entry, 1.0 per member, 2.3 per day
  • Mention
    1,057 mentions
    0.1 per entry, 0.4 per member, 0.8 per day
  • User
    2,909 members
    2.3 per day
  • Network
    8,452 relationships
    2.9 per member, 6.6 per day

Get in Touch

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  • Coffee
    Lucian Marin
    Mention @lucian for technical stuff.