About Sublevel

The journey started in April 2014 when Sublevel was launched as a text-only social network. Over the past years it saw multiple changes from 256 to 512 then 640 characters. Threading saw deep changes, but in the end it mostly works the same as day one. Experimented with messages and photos, but these features were scrapped for a more tidy experience.

Donations over ads

Donating any amount of money over PayPal will get you a verified account. Your profile picture will indicate this. Donors get to share photos more frequently, every day instead of two days or more. Donations make possible development of themes, photos support, push notifications and maybe other cool features.

Use it as an app

Sublevel can be used as an app on any Android or iOS device: open it with Chrome or Safari then add it to the home screen. Monochrome can be used to open Sublevel on macOS (Sellfy or Mac App Store) as well as on iOS (App Store). GNOME Web can be used to install Sublevel as a web app on Linux.

All the statistics

  • Pen
    2,319,984 characters
    127.1 per entry, 822.7 per user, 10,324.2 per week
  • Update
    7,660 updates
    2.7 per user, 34.1 per week
  • Reply
    10,593 replies
    3.8 per user, 47.1 per week
  • Heart
    0.2 per entry, 1.0 per user, 12.8 per week
  • Mention
    911 mentions
    0.0 per entry, 0.3 per user, 4.1 per week
  • Chat
    224 messages
    0.0 per entry, 0.1 per user, 1.0 per week
  • Network
    7,614 relationships
    2.7 per user, 33.9 per week
  • User
    2,820 users
    12.5 per week

Get in touch

  • Lighting
    Mention @sublevel for support and help.
  • Coffee
    Lucian Marin
    Mention @lucian for technical stuff.